the bottlebelt

The simplest, most efficient and best looking way to attach a Nalgene bottle to anything your 'biner can clip to'

-mark drennan


There is no better way to hold onto your Nalgene bottle. Seriously.


Simple may not say enough.


No matter who you are, there is a style for you.


If you have a Nalgene you need a bottle belt. If you dont' have a Nalgene then get one, now!


Imagine the possibilites. Life without bottle flop will open up a whole new world. Be more successfull. Climb higher. Earn more money. You are limitless! *Results may vary

Secure when wet or dry - ideal for outdoor adventures. Controls "bottle-flop" when clipped to your pack or climbing harness. Fits wide mouth & narrow mouth 1-quart Nalgene bottles.

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People talking about #thebottlebelt

One of the most unique uses we have heard for the Bottle Belt was from a ranch owner. He said "The first time I clipped a Nalgene bottle to my saddle, the lid loop broke in less than a minute. After that I tried a number of different ways of tying the bottle with twine and cord. Someone that had been rock climbing before said I should use duct tape all over the bottle with the cord. I thought I had a pretty good setup 'til I saw your Bottle Belt in REI. I saw that thing and thought 'Why didn't I think of that'. Well, my bottle isn't covered with duct tape any more, and the water bottle doesn't bounce around on the saddle."

Users loving #thebottlebelt

One customer of ours loves the water. He canoes and kayaks as much as possible. One day at a trade show, he came up to our booth with a serious look on his face. In his Minnesotan accent, he said "I have a question about your Bottle Belt. I've been on the water for 20 years, and I just wanted to know why you didn't come out with this thing years ago?" That serious look changed to a big smile. "When I first saw it at Duluth Pack in Duluth, MN I bought three of them. Since then I've turned on all my buddies to it. No more water bottles rolling around and getting out of reach. Guess I just wanted to say thanks."

Folks enjoying #thebottlebelt

Nothing to fear, the new #thebottlebelt has my back, so cool and such a powerful accessory.